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Sandblasting Timber

Timber Door during Sandblasting

The Cleaning Process

Our cleaning processes can be used on both new and old, hardwood and softwood. Paint, stains and years of grime can be readily removed from old wooden floors, roof beams, oak frames and lintals to restore them to there nateral beauty without the use of chemicals.

Alberny have a great deal of experience in the restoration of old building timbers. Our systems remove old paint, stains and lime with minimal abrasion to wood surface.

Green oak frames are a specialist area and by using our experience to match the right blasting media and process pressure, we are able to clean to a warm natural oak colour or age the appearance of the wood.

We have cleaned all kinds of woodwork from softwood stair cases and banisters and oak panelling to painted roof trusses and doors both old and new.

Here are just some examples of what can be achieved.

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