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Sandblasting Metal

Metal Water Wheel after Sandblasting

The Cleaning Process

Our cleaning processes can be used on all kinds of machinings, castings, fabrications and Assemblies made from all kinds if metals.

Alberny low pressure systems enable us to clean and restore a whole range of metal items from large structures and frameworks to delicate metal objects. Items made from most commonly used metals such as aluminium, steel, cast iron, bronze can all be gently cleaned and restored.

From church bells to water wheels we have the expertise to remove rust and paint and prepare surfaces ready for us to prime paint straight away.

Our systems can be used on victorian fire places, metal stairways, building framework and supports, gates and railings and vehicles of every description. We also offer a recoating service, so on the same day we clean, we can protect.

Here are just some examples of what can be achieved.

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