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Sandblasting Masonry

Masonry after sandblasting

The Cleaning Process

Our cleaning processes can be used on all kinds of masonry including stone and brickwork, flagstone floors, inglenook fire places, mullions, coins and render.

Alberny specialise in the careful restoration of many parts of your building, from removing paint from the whole of the outside to let your building breathe to removal of coatings ready for new.

Flagstone floors whether covered in bitumen, red lead, concrete or 100 years of grime can be resurrected to their previous glory by our trained staff. We also provide a cleaning and repair service for inglenook fireplaces where we clean and repoint.

We use the right systems to get the best results. Grade 2 listed buildings are a speciality with our knowledge and experience we can clean with the latest machinery using low pressure and medias like soda crystals and chalk, as recommended by architects, local authorities, historians and restoration companies.

Here are just some examples of what can be achieved.

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